Cyber Attacks: You Are the First line of Defense

You listened to our previous blog and finally outsource your IT with Dahill. Great! You’re that much closer to have the best defense for your company, but there is one more step. Your employees. Without inform employees only takes one second and a simple click to for your business to be at risk.

Without an educated staff, your company is not prepared to deal with phishing scams, social engineering schemes and it’s the cause of a lot of breaches and this is a major part of the problem. Employees are a great asset and the weakest link when it comes to security.Hand writing are you safe and drawing a lock

Set Standards

Clearly outline security standards for employees. It is much easier for employees to follow documented strategy and guidelines than word-of-mouth instructions. With the amount of distractions we get daily. It is easy to be forgetful at times.

A proper security strategy is the best way to get started but enforcing and maintaining best practices is ultimately a responsibility of your operations. Often, your organization’s vulnerabilities won’t require a great deal of talent to maintain, sometimes just caring enough to make sure you’re up to date with latest software upgrades and best practices is the best way to prevent intrusion.  With social engineering remaining a leading cause of intrusion, limiting the ‘human error factor’ can be achieved with internal process, permissions and procedures.

EducationWorld information technology

The big one. Educating all staff about their role in organizational security best practices is one of the most effective ways to beef up your security strategy. Employees are a great asset and the weakest link when it comes to security. Always stay alert for emails asking you to open attachments. These guys are getting really good and can often times make it seem as if the email is coming from inside your organization. As always confirm with the person you suspect an email may be from before opening an attachment. When in doubt, delete the email.

Regular communication

Communications around security does not have to be a big production. Security is something everyone should be concerned about. Making security conversations part of everyday business or even offering examples from published media reports, particularly successful phishing attacks and examples of infected documents, like those often sent to finance departments as a legitimate looking invoice, to help employees recognize potential attacks.

These are just some of the simple steps to ensure cyber safety. Have questions? Contact Dahill at 1-800-413-3526 and remember that cyber defense start with you.

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