Sign Up Now: Automated Supply Management Program (ASM)

The Dahill 360˚ app monitors your networked machines. When the toner level reaches a predetermined percentage, an alert is automatically sent to Dahill’s Supply Team. The Supply Team pro-actively ships out the toner so that you receive it before your machine runs out.

Important facts to remember:
  • Devices must be networked. Local, USB and/or non-networked machines will require manual ordering of toner.
  • The software only monitors toner levels (black and color). Drums, waster toner containers, staples and other parts will NOT be auto-replenished. Please contact us to order these items.
  • Fiery, FreeFlow and/or any type of RIP connected printer and/or copier will NOT qualify for the program. These devices will need toner ordered manually.
  • If the 360˚ app stops reporting, the auto-supply replenishment program will also stop functioning. The software must be online in order for the program to work. If you are concerned the 360˚ app has stopped reporting please contact our 360˚ app team at
  • Moving a device or upgrading your computer/server without notifying Dahill could also cause the auto supply management to stop reporting to us.
  • Some devices, depending on age of manufacture or the printers programming logic, will not allow accurate toner measurements. You will be sent a list of non-qualifying technology when we conclude our assessment.
Once enrolled into the program please do not..
  • Order toner (manually) for these machines. Your toner will be shipped pro-actively.
  • Shake toner cartridges that are low. This may interfere with our tracking software.
  • replace the toner until your machine is completely empty. The machine will start alerting you that toner is low before it is actually time to replace the toner.
  • use toner in a device other than the one specified on the packing slip.
What if I don’t receive the toner when I should have?

Ensure that the machines is still connected to the network. Please contact our Supply team at so we can research why this happened.

ASM manages all eligible, networked devices. Please contact the Supply Team at prior to any large print jobs so we can pro-actively ship your supplies prior to receiving automatic alerts.


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