What do you do with your used ink and toner? Ever tried Recycling?

Recycling grows in popularity every year as more people become aware of how seemingly minor actions can contribute to a healthier planet. From cans and bottles to paint and paper, more of our goods and packaging are designed to be reused, and more applications for recycled matter are being developed everyday.So what can we do? Currently the recycling of paper, glass and plastic is pretty standard. However, toner recycling and the like, isn’t being utilized enough, especially as, in many cases it’s free.

Why you should Recycling your Ink and Toner?

Recycling ink cartridges is environmentally friendly

It would take a plastic over a century to decompose, recycling is a measure put into place to ensure that we maintain our environment keeping it clean and safe for all organisms. Recycling will also help in the reduction of air pollution emissions that result from landfills.

Recycling helps in saving energy and water

Generally the energy needed to manufacture a new product is multiple times the quantity needed than that to reuse or recycle an old one. Recycling uses less water and energy during manufacturing as compared to manufacturing from new materials.

Recycling also assists in conservation of natural resources

This encompasses water minerals such as petroleum, timber and minerals since it reduces the need for raw materials. This is because it reduces the amount of wastes accumulated over time and raw materials are conserved. Conservation of raw materials reduces the cost that the manufacturers would incur in acquisition of raw material thus recycling has an economic sense. Collection of cartridges and reprocessing enables recovery of materials that would be used to manufacture new products such as metals, ink and plastics.

Reduction of greenhouse gas effect

Recycling ink cartridges decreases the emission of greenhouse gas which would contribute to global warming thus depletion of the ozone layer leading to unpredictable weather patterns. This effect would result in decreased rainfall which would intern affect agricultural production.

Just remember each and every cartridge can be refilled and reused 4-6 times before being recycled into a new product, so there’s no reason not to recycle them. Take advantage today of the different toner recycling programs Dahill offer through our partners. Visit our site or Click Here to learn more about our recycling programs.

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